Structured Training Limited E-Mail Marketing Code of Practice

At the point of personal data collection Structured Training Limited shall provide individuals with a clear and conspicuous notice as to the purpose or purposes for which the personal data are collected. 

Access to Structured Training Limited Security & Privacy Policy

Structured Training Limited shall maintain a prominent link to the “Privacy Policy” for all online requests for personal information. The link will also be displayed on all printed material where e-mail addresses are collected.

Individuals’ Rights

Structured Training Limited recognises the individual’s right to a copy of the personal data held about them and inaccurate information is corrected within a reasonable time. 

Personal Information

Any personal information provided by you to Structured Training through your subscription to our newsletter and use of this Website will only be used for the following purposes:

  • updating and enhancing customer and user records;
  • defining areas of interest to you and improving the website and newsletter to meet users' habits and requirements and compiling information relating to users' movements across the Website and through the newsletter;
  • advising you of other products and services which may be of interest based on what you have read.


Structured Training Limited takes reasonable administrative and technical measures to limit access to collected personal data. 


  • Spam – Structured Training Limited under no circumstances sends spam mail.

  • Lists:

    House Files: Structured Training Limited operate an Opt-out e-mail marketing policy that identifies the list owner and a working unsubscribe facility on all list e-mail communications

    Structured Training does allow its Partner companies, SalesPathways Limited and Predaptive OD Limited, to use data held by Structured Training Limited. An opportunity to opt-out to receive communications from associated companies is displayed wherever there is a request for personal data.

    Third Party Lists: Structured Training Limited only purchase third party lists from certified suppliers. Subsequent collection of data is in accordance with the Structured Training Limited Code of Practice for Email Marketing. Structured Training Limited does not disclose any information collected to a third party(s). 


The content of e-mails will be consistent with the notification that was provided to the individuals at the time they were added to the Structured Training Limited list.

Viral Marketing

If viral marketing is used, Structured Training Limited will notify the provider of another person’s e-mail address, and that person will be told who provided their details. Structured Training Limited will send one e-mail to the referred individual which will include - the e-mail address of the person who provided the individual’s e-mail address, invite the individual to subscribe and clearly inform the individual that their personal data will be removed unless they opt-in to receive further e-mails. 

Un-Subscription Facility

Each Structured Training Limited e-mail will contain:

  • Structured Training Limited contact name and e-mail will be published on each communication

  • Notice stating how users can register complaints and unsubscribe will be held on the Structured Training Limited Security and Privacy Policy

  • Link to Structured Training Limited Privacy Policy

  • Timely un-subscription – requests to opt-out will be acted upon immediately – no further communications will be sent.


Structured Training Limited takes complaints very seriously. To register a complaint about our handling of your data, whether on our website, or as an e-mail communication please contact:

Claudine McClean
T: 01789 734300



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