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What Does Good Look Like?

Managers often get a bad press.  Newspaper and television reports focus on how ‘fat cats’ take profits without building value, and how ‘inept administrators’ prevent ordinary employees from being the best that they can be.  There’s certainly no money to be made in a sit-com about a hard working manager balancing the performance demands of the organisation against the frustrations and individual demands of their teams.

Even in sports a failing team will fire their manager, yet a successful one will praise and reward the players.

It’s not surprising then that managers struggle to find positive role models outside their organisations.  Inside the picture can be just as tough.  Competition and lack of time may mean that a new manager doesn’t get the support and mentoring they’d like to help them grow into the rounded manager they’d like to be.

Structured Training’s Fundamentals of Management Open Course gives participants a clear view about ‘what good looks like’, as well as giving them the skills and confidence they need to perform in the workplace.  For further information or to book a course please contact

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