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Developing Your Learning And Development Strategy

Increasing organisational performance is (or should be) at the heart of any learning and development strategy. Achieving a change in behaviour and activity focus are the only things that will drive a difference in an organisation’s performance.

Starting with a training solution is sometimes not the most effective way of achieving those aims. Deciding that training is the answer implies that the problem or opportunity has been correctly defined, that the right question has been asked.

Structured Training have developed a range of consulting capabilities that enable its customers to ask the right questions to define the requirement, often training is the outcome, sometimes not. If for instance morale is an issue, training might help, but it might make things worse because it highlights all the frustrations rather than resolves them. 

Increasing peoples’ engagement with the organisation they work for, the level of emotional connection they have with the daily challenges they face is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Our consulting team can help provide context and strategies for increasing employee engagement in practical, sustainable ways, across the main areas of focus.

Sales Consultancy

Using the design of your sales organisation to drive performance. Our sales consultancy work can include the design of the sales organisation, its strategy, value proposition, or other sales related ‘architectural’ issues.
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Management Consultancy

Increasing the organisational value add of managers. Often before any management development programme is implemented there are broader people issues or organisational design factors that need to be addressed. Here, a focused piece of measurable, fixed priced consultancy can create a much more effective management cadre.
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Leadership Consultancy

Creating the context for leadership. Sometimes an organisation needs to build a leadership context before it can train-in any leadership behaviours. Our consultancy work can raise leadership to the top of the organisations’ agenda.
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