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Government Support For Real Training

In these difficult economic times the Government is helping businesses to provide real training for employees.  Training that provides a real difference to your business really quickly.

The qualification criteria are simple.  You qualify if you have:

5-249 Employees

Structured Training’s range of courses all fall within the scope of the grant as they all provide a high quality cost effective training input that increases business skills.

The grant programme starts at £500, which is fully funded.  Where the training cost is above £500 the government will match your spend 50-50 up to £1,000.  So if a course costs £1,000, the government will reimburse your organisation £750.  It will only cost you £250.

Where you need to spend more, for example on a management training or sales training course for a team, or a leadership programme, individual cases are considered locally on their merits.

The specific rules and contacts vary throughout the United Kingdom so to find out more about your region, talk through your training needs and find out how you can benefit from government funding for your training contact:

Claudine McClean
T: 01789 734300
E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com


Remember, this is real help for real businesses.  If you have a real business need, call us on 01789 734300. 



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