In-Company Programmes

In-Company training programmes are where the largest benefits can be obtained across the largest number of people in the most cost effective way.

When will an in-company piece of work be the most suitable solution?

  • If you have more than 10 people needing to be trained to meet the same need who can be taken away from their roles at the same time.
  • Once the design costs are covered the only increase in cost is per person. 
  • When the need is very specific. An in-company piece of work need only contain the exact material that is relevant. There will be no optional, tangential content.
  • The material needs to be tailored.  Ethnic language, processes, market vocabulary, business challenges, cultural norms, metrics and scales can all be aligned exactly with your requirements. This means case study materials, examples, and illustrative anecdotes will all be relevant to your context.
  • When it needs to be part of a bigger change/development/learning agenda. The programme can be built with dovetail connectors making it fit perfectly with other interventions being delivered.
  • The need is very particular, perhaps unique. Original material needs to be created.
  • When it needs to be rolled out quickly. Resources can be applied for simultaneous delivery, perhaps when an international dimension is involved.
  • When you want it branded and the content to become your own proprietary material

Structured Training deliver in-company, tailored solutions across the following areas:

  • Sales In-Company Programmes
    The most effective way to develop a measured improvement in business performance within a sales organisation is to implement a Structured Training in-company, tailored sales training programme.
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  • Management In-Company Programmes
    The most effective way to get improved performance from a group of managers that has a lasting impact and is organisationally aligned with your business objectives is to design and run a Structured Training in-company, tailored, management development programme.
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  • Leadership In-Company Programmes
    Working with a group of managers on leadership development can be the most effective way to stimulate organisational change.  Whether that is incremental change around a set of local issues or transformational change across the whole organisation, leadership development can make a significant impact.
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If you'd like further information or would like to talk through how one of our in-company programmes could improve the performance of your business please contact:

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In-Company Programmes

In-Company Programmes

In-Company Programmes


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