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Delivering Organisation-Wide Customer Service Excellence

A practical one day workshop that will cover the key strategies and tools needed to deliver world class service to customers, increase business levels and lock out the competition.

Who Should Attend

Directors and Managers who are responsible for the design and delivery of all or part of their organisations’ customer service capability.

Although the course has an organisation wide perspective, departmental or divisional managers would still benefit from attending.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Develop an organisation-wide service capability
  • Create an integral voice of the customer
  • Understand the drivers of customer loyalty and how to apply them
  • Change their organisational culture to become more customer centric
  • Select the most appropriate customer feedback mechanisms
  • Improve their peoples's service systems and technology
  • Write a customer service strategy
  • Increase their organisation's service performance and reputation.

Course Programme

Developing A Service Language
What is real service?
How does it connect to quality?
Creating workable service definitions

Service As A Source Of Competitive Advantage
Why is service excellence so difficult to copy?
Demonstrating the financial benefits
Understanding its place in your value proposition
Customer advocacy for business growth

Creating The Voice Of The Customer
Including the customer in everything
Building a culture of customer focus
Who represents the customer?

Organising For Service
Top down or bottom up?
Who should be accountable?
Service as a mind-set not a department
The most effective structures

Service As A Process
How to map service processes
Why functions struggle with service orientation
Optimising service delivery
The critical importance of Hightech - Hightouch

The People Side Of Service
Improving the human service impact
How to identify people who want to deliver excellent service
Designing effective service training programmes
The effective use of service polices, guidelines and discretion
Incentivising (or not) service delivery

Measuring Service
Satisfaction, delight or something else?
The different measurement frameworks
Connecting service to increased profitability

Building Feedback Mechanisms
The customers' role in service improvement
Web 2.0 and changing customer relationships
Developing customer equity through deeper engagement

Pulling It All Together
Creating a service strategy
Living, not laminating your service imperative
Building an effective communication plan

To book a place on this course or to talk through your requirements please contact:

Claudine McClean
T: 01789 734300
E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com



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