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Essentials For Success
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Dynamic Sales Growth
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Sales Consultancy Solutions

Investing in sales training to improve people’s performance assumes the following:

  • You have the right people in the right roles
  • What they are selling is clear to them and to your customers
  • The sales structures and processes are fit for purpose
  • The incentive scheme is motivating (and producing) additional levels of performance and profitability
  • Sales management is adding the value it needs to
  • The sales strategy is delivering its part of the corporate strategy
  • Sales and Marketing are working interdependently and synergistically.

Getting these things right before you train salespeople, will do two things:

  • It will improve business performance and
  • It will transform the effectiveness of any subsequent sales training.

With over 30 years experience working to improve sales organisations, our expertise is relevant and deep.  Through working with over 50 live customers at any one time, and training over 2000 sales professionals per annum our consulting experience is being both constantly tested and sharpened. 

If you’d like further information or would like to talk through your requirements in more detail please contact:

Claudine McClean
T:  01789 734300
E:  claudinem@structuredtraining.com


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